Department Overview


Director – Valarie Ellis
or 757-928-2632

The Administrative Services Department is responsible for the administrative and specialized maintenance functions of the Authority and is composed of six divisions.

Human Resources – provides recruitment, staffing, classification, compensation, benefits, risk management, training and development.

Procurement – provides goods and services through contract opportunities.

Safety and Security – provides a safe and secure environment for employees and residents through training, inspections, monitoring, and implementation of OSHA requirements and regulations.

Information Technology – provides and manages all computer related technology requirements.

Material Management – provides assistance to the staff for the acquisition of all goods and supplies necessary for their daily operations. Additionally, this division procures and maintains all vehicles and equipment.

Specialized Maintenance – provides assistance to our public housing residents by managing all routine and emergency work order requests, assisting with Uniform Physical Conditions Standards (UPCS) inspections and monitoring and managing all HVAC and utility systems.


Director – Carl Williamson
or 757-928-2658

The Housing Operations Department is responsible for managing the Occupancy, Community Resources, Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program and Public Housing divisions. Along with the provision of traditional management services, Housing Operations provides a variety of community services to Authority residents in the form of social, cultural and educational activities.

Occupancy – supports the housing assistance function for low income families in multifamily dwellings, owned and operated by the Newport News Redevelopment and Housing Authority. Performs eligibility casework, income verification and initial criminal records checks. Eligible applicants are assigned to one of our Public Housing units.

Community Resources – provides supportive resident services in partnership with community agencies to serve the needs of low income families.

Housing Choice Voucher Program – administers housing subsidies in the private market for very low-income families including elderly and disabled families determined eligible for HCV Program assistance.

Property Management – oversees and manages the operation of public housing units in fourteen complexes.

Maintenance – provides assistance to our public housing residents by managing all routine and emergency work order requests.


Director: Lisa Dessoffy
or 757-928-2633

The Finance Department is responsible for the maintenance and monitoring of accounting and financial records and systems of the Authority and is composed of seven areas.

Financial Management and Reporting – provides general accounting and investment services, and insurance oversight for the Authority. With the preparation of the Authority’s Annual Report, Examination of Financial Statements and the Annual Operating Budget and Subsidy Submission, the department develops, monitors, and reports the financial activities of the Authority.

Tenant Accounting – provides accounting and reporting services to the Property Managers and staff for preparing and reconciling tenant rent and utility billing and payments.

Accounts Payable – provides for the accurate and timely payment of all invoices for the Authority. This includes all payments on purchase orders, blanket purchase orders, check requests, travel advances/expense vouchers, and petty cash.

Capital Fund Accounting – provides financial accounting and monitoring for all Capital Fund and Recovery Grants. Oversees State and Local grants awarded to the Authority.

CDBG and HOME Grant Accounting – provides financial accounting, monitoring, and reporting for the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), HOME, and other related programs administered under contract for the City of Newport News.

Housing Choice Voucher Accounting – provides financial accounting, monitoring, reporting, and coordinates receipts and disbursements for the housing voucher and moderate rehabilitation subsidy programs.

Payroll – provides for accurate and timely payments to employees. Ensures payments are remitted to taxing authorities and benefit providers and are in compliance with all State and Federal rules and regulations.


Director: David W. Staley
or 757-928-2644

The Community Development Department is organized to undertake revitalization activities in the community, in City Council approved revitalization areas and in NNRHA public housing properties.

Development Division

Undertakes Community Development and Redevelopment projects and land assemblage (acquisition, relocation and demolition), constructs affordable for sale and rental housing; qualifies prospective homebuyers and loan recipients; prepares applications for funding and for mixed finance/low income housing tax credit applications; and coordinates proposals for other new and rehabilitated multifamily developments.

Capital Funds and Rehabilitation Division

Oversees planning, engineering and completion of improvements to NNRHA’s existing public housing stock and works with property owners in designated revitalization areas and in communities throughout the City to renovate existing homes through CDBG and HOME funded loans and grants. Specific programs include HOMEplace, HOMEcare and HOMEvestor and the CDBG funded Emergency Repair and Open House Programs.

Community Development Program Planning

Provides oversight for the planning, citizen participation input and program management for the five year and annual Consolidated Housing and Community Development Programs, the collection of data for the Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report (CAPER) and coordinates and monitors non-profit sub grantees and supports overall program budget development and monitoring.

Commercial Loans, Residential Bond Financing and Labor Compliance

Administers NNRHA commercial loans funded through the CDBG funded Newport News Urban Development Grant Program (NNUDAG) to engender economic and business development throughout the City. Oversees mortgage revenue bond requests for the development and preservation of affordable rental housing and performs related compliance monitoring; monitors HUD mandated labor compliance and Section 3 requirements for federally funded projects.